The alliance between the LGBT community and Islam is completely illogical

Recently, Blaire White did a response video to Riley Dennis, (a popular YouTube transgender activist). Dennis made a video explaining LGBT people’s decision to defend muslims on the basis that not all muslims support Sharia Law in regards to LGBT people. Well, duh! Of course not all muslims want to stone LGBT people to death; however, the Sharia Law that many islamic countries follow does call for the oppression, imprisonment, and even death of LGBT people. Dennis acknowledges this, but then attempts to create a false equivalency with Christianity and again uses the excuse that not all muslims abide by Sharia Law. This point she makes over and over again is irrelevant because we aren’t talking about muslims, we’re talking about Islam! One is a group of people and the other is a set of ideas. There’s a difference, the set of ideas is what we critique. The fact that the LGBT community constantly defends Islam and will make excuses for its completely backwards view on LGBT people is mind-boggling. Blaire White does a great job explaining the absolute insanity of this alliance and dissecting Dennis’ video.

First episode of “The Political Outback” moved to tomorrow night at 8:30 P.M. US Eastern Standard Time

First episode of “The Political Outback” moved to tomorrow night at 8:30 P.M. US Eastern Standard Time

To all those who tuned in to the first attempted episode of “The Political Outback” last night, thank you! We apologize for the technical difficulties that caused us to move the first episode to tomorrow night. We have figured out the issue and everything tomorrow should run smoothly, so be sure to tune in and join the live chat!

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