It take you less than 5 minutes of being on political Twitter to realize that it sucks! You see more toxic divisive BS there than you do in a political video’s comment section on YouTube. People threatening to block other people for “offending” them, others spewing really nasty stuff at one another just for disagreeing on politics. This is something that both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of. Once people get into their echo chambers, it’s hard to talk about any ideas that don’t match the narrative.

Scroll down the replies to any of Donald Trump’s Tweets and you’ll see nothing but a bunch of keyboard warriors on both sides going at each other. 

Recommendations: Remember that Twitter isn’t real life, don’t be so defensive and try your best to separate internet trolls from people who want to engage in healthy dialogue. Also, try to not let the echo chambers we all put ourselves in trap us from hearing different sides of a legitimate political argument.


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