CNN found a way to make themselves look even more petty than Trump today. After Trump retweeted a GIF of himself taking a golf shot that hits Hillary Clinton as she falls the the ground, CNN responded with multiple articles making this seem like another huge deal. This to many is a reminder of the WWE GIF that Trump retweeted during the summer, which sparked similar outrage. To Trump’s trolling credit, the account the tweet came from goes by the name “CNN Sucks.” So if his goal was to piss off CNN and give them a BS story to cover constantly for the next two days, he succeeded. However, if he wasn’t trying to do this, he just created another distraction for him and his administration to deal with. 

This is just another prime example of how the media is ready to jump on just about anything Trump does, but at the same time has to make you wonder what Trump is thinking when he does things like this. Like previously stated, if Trump is now doing things like this just to get under CNN’s skin, then he’s exceeded expectations and they’ve taken his bait once again.  


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