Since the Charlottesville incident, videos like this have been trending all over the main stream media and throughout YouTube. It’s brought to light once again the argument over whether or not the confederate statues should be removed. To almost everyone in the American public, this is a non issue when compared to all the other problems going on in the country at the moment. However, two groups of jerkoffs make the loudest noise, especially with a mainstream media that loves to cover juicy divisive stories like these ones. The only sad pathetic people who really seem to care about this at all are the fringe minorities on opposite sides of the spectrum. Why? Because frankly, they have nothing better to do and they want everyone to know that they think they’re important. Why would we worry about something that matters?  Maybe something like the botched heath care bill or the threat of nuclear war coming from the North Korean madman. No? Oh yea that’s right, we’re instead watching in awe as a microscopic group of pea-brained KKK members and neo-Nazis argue with a group of communist gender studies graduates about a freakin statue in the middle of who gives a damn Virginia.

Two groups of morons using makeshift weapons to fight in the street, because reasons.

The vast majority of American people do not care about this issue in any way, shape, or form. The everyday people care more about their heath care, national security, and pretty much anything else more than if statues that they’ll probably never even come across in their lives remain standing. The fact that the people involved in this Unite the Right rally thought they were being righteous by “defending” this statue in Charlottesville, or that these college kids with nothing better to do in the video above thought that they were showing their moral superiority by kicking and spitting on an irrelevant statue is nothing more than pathetic virtue signaling and cries for attention from two groups of losers.

*Sorry about being so cynical while writing this one, but this is just pure lunacy worthy of the highest cynicism. This is why free speech is needed, so it can show everyone what an idiot you look like when you go out and attempt to promote terrible ideas.


One thought on “The confederate statue non-issue propped up by two fringe groups of losers

  1. Sure, statues aren’t as important as contemporary issues such as free speech, North Korea and health care. But it is concerning when Leftists seek to purge Western history from memory in a manner not dissimilar to ISIS’ work in Palmrya. This applies to Charlottesville and far beyond. I think that ultimately, when Western civilization loses all faith in their history and hates itself (as epitomized through tearing down statues), the moral grounds for it surviving as sovereign nation states become less stable. For instance see the close relationship between ANTIFA, ‘Nazi’ punching, statue tearing down forces, and those claiming the US has essentially no right to control its borders. If your interested in this, you can check out more on my blog at and


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