The mainstream media has completely lost it, we can all agree on that. They are a joke, they lie, and they push an agenda that is so toxic and divisive that it’s really hard to stomach. Everyone knows that the mainstream media is horrible, but at the same time Trump makes their job of creating zero substance clickbait stories 1,000,000 times easier than it could be! For the past 2 years we’ve watched as Trump and the media mindlessly go back and fourth at one another like two 1st graders arguing over who should be “it” in a game of tag. It’s intolerable, and the American people are so sick of watching this circus. From the moment Trump stepped on the stage to announce his presidency, the media started salivating at their chance to cover something new. We all saw it and we all thought it wouldn’t last, but unfortunately it did. The constant coverage of everything Trump expanded from his campaign into his presidency and has not stopped since. It’s annoying, it’s pointless, and 75% of it is a load of crap. This is where Trump needs to begin being smart, but he won’t do it. Why? Cause he’s Trump and he can’t control himself. A little bit of advice Mr. President: Complaining about how unfairly you’re being treated by the media is not going to get you anywhere! Saying stupid things and acting impulsively because you got angry will not help you. Finally, tweeting irrelevant crap at three in the morning, spelling half the words wrong, and ending each tweet with “SAD!” will not help you!

Trump reacts to the media so impulsively that he makes it easier for them to mock him.

He does nothing but give the media fodder for stories about him! Does the media rake him over the coals? Yes. Unfortunately, this is the way it is. Trump is a Republican, it comes with the territory. The media also treated George W. Bush terribly, but he dealt with it in a way that wouldn’t help the media aside from his notorious grammar mistakes. Trump acting like a victim will not help him. If he would just ignore the BS stories, not give the media the attention they crave, and stop screwing over his press secretary by making him look like a buffoon, then maybe he can overcome the media trying to swamp him. Right now the mainstream media is outsmarting Trump, so unless he can get himself under control they’ll continue to produce endless fake news stories in a vicious cycle with Trump brainlessly providing the starting content.


2 thoughts on “Trump and the media, a perfect match made in Hell

  1. I’ve been struck more than a few times in the last few months at the surreal nature of American politics at the moment. I have to pinch myself to realise that I’m not living in some elaborate satire, with barely-literate Presidential tweets, allegations of Russian involvement at the highest level, and a mainstream media which runs headlines on what their leader eats for dinner. We live in strange times.


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