It’s amazing what happens when people are left alone to make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions about certain things. The natural way that people come to develop their opinions on things is the way that real tolerance is reached. The leftist SJWs just don’t seem to understand this concept. They believe that shouting at people over and over again while calling them racists or homophobes or whatever the insult may be, will drive them to accept their point of view on any certain issue. This hurts their cause more than it helps it. For example: Say you’re a person who isn’t completely on-board with the whole idea of gay marriage, but you personally don’t have any problems with gay people and accept that this is now the law of the land. How do you think you’d feel if anytime you expressed your opinion about how you feel about the issue someone shouted “Homophobe!” at you over and over? You probably would start to resent that issue even more. That kind of behavior would probably drive you to be more against it than you already were. The reason? It’s because you’d get into this frame of mind: Why are you going to try to be tolerant of an issue you aren’t completely on-board with if everyone is just going to scream at you and call you a homophobe anyway? In this situation, if everyone just left you alone and let you believe what you wanted to, you may come around one day! Who knows? If not, than that’s alright too because this is America and everyone in entitled to their opinion.

Churches making their own decisions to welcome LGBT members is a prime example of natural tolerance without leftist intimidation or government enforcement.

Real tolerance can not be achieved by forcing beliefs upon someone. Even if people will say they’re tolerant just to not get screamed at, that doesn’t mean it’s what they actually believe. This is how the fake tolerance of the leftists is created. It’s born out of fear of being called a racist bigot sexist homophobe and doesn’t do anything for anyone. If you just leave people alone to make their own decisions and believe what they want to, some of them will come around one day. In contrast, if you yell at and berate people for having different beliefs, you’ll just cause them to hold even more resentment than they already had. If you SJWs really want to help your causes, then leave people alone, don’t cause resentment, and let people achieve real tolerance on their own.


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