Last week the cancelation of the popular ABC comedy “Last Man Standing” was announced despite having very solid ratings. The show stars Tim Allen (a Republican) as Mike Baxter. Baxter is a middle aged, middle class, conservative white man living in the Denver suburbs. He lives in a house with 4 women and frequently makes jokes related to this. He also frequently jokes about his son-in-law and oldest daughter who are model SJWs. Politics is a sub plot of the show, making satire of how a family with so many different views operates, and at the end of each episode the members of the family are always able to put their views aside to come together.

Allen’s conservative character Mike Baxter has a conversation with his liberal son-in-law.

So a well received show that’s been on the air since 2011 suddenly gets canceled despite it’s success?  Fans of the show weren’t buying it and neither was Allen. He believes the show was canceled due to his personal beliefs which he recently discussed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” There are talks of the show picking up a new home on another network but this is beside the point. The point is that the media has gotten completely out of control. Their attempts to control the narrative is pushing its way into everything they can control, now including the shows they air on their networks. Anything that doesn’t fit the SJW leftist narrative is now seemingly off limits. There is a petition on to reinstate the show which currently has over 100,000 signatures. Think about giving your signature to fight back against this authoritarian narrative of the media.


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