Fascist– a person who is very intolerant or domineering in a particular area.

This is the definition of a fascist given by the easiest Google search. If it’s that easy to find the definition for this term, then why are these “anti-fascists” so confused and so ill-informed about their own political stance? Ignorance is the answer and it’s the only logical explanation.

They go to a speaking event at a university, they call the speaker a fascist, then they proceed to burn things, destroy property and prevent that person from speaking. Hmmm… seems like exhibiting behaviors of a fascist don’t you think? Well, let’s return to the definition and look again. “Person who is very intolerant.” Intolerant of Milo’s views, check! “Domineering in a particular area.” In universities all across the US, check! Ladies and gentlemen, we have anti-fascist who are actually fascists!

This pitiful display at UC Berkeley was political violence at its finest. During the rioting that took place, the rioters physically assaulted both men and woman attendees of Milo’s event, pepper sprayed people, and beat a man unconscious and dragged him through the street. The people who claim to be for tolerance and peace turn into free speech suppressing fascists whenever someone they don’t like attempts to speak. This is absolutely unacceptable and it’s promoted by the mainstream leftist agenda. When you have professors indoctrinating the students with safe spaces and trigger warnings along with B-list celebrities like Sarah Silverman calling for a military coup to overthrow the government and calling this despicable behavior “The Resistance” what do you expect?

Any sane person knows this is madness, and it’s only going to get worse. If we are going to have any hope of stopping political violence and fascistic behavior, we must continue to fight for free speech every single day! If it’s one thing these people hate and fear the most it’s free speech. Use it to fight these people, because we don’t need to use violence and savagery. Unlike them, we respect and use our most treasured and sacred right guaranteed to us by the first amendment.

They will not prevent us from speaking and they will not intimidate us.


2 thoughts on “While “anti-fascists” use violence to intimidate and silence, we fight back with our free speech. 

  1. An excellent post which is logical, rational and correctly focused. It is really quite frightening how the level and quantity of these people have arisen, taken over the MSM and yet elicit no response from any government. Maybe I should be ashamed that me and my generation allowed it to happen because my parents generation from WWII would have obliterated them at birth!

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