Dear listeners and readers of Solely Politics,

Who’d have thought we’d ever see the day that Donald J Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States of America? Not many of us, but nevertheless it’s real. So today we really have to look at the big picture. We start a new chapter in our nation’s history today and although the country is more divided than ever and this election cycle has left many scars, today is the day we must try to come together. There are those who will not, but that won’t change the fact that Donald Trump is now the leader of the free world and that his decisions will now affect us all.

On this day, we really should strive for some sort of unity. No matter our political divisions, we are all members of this amazing nation and frankly if the president does a bad job, the nation suffers. With that being said, nobody should be wishing the new president the worst because we are all in this together. Solely Politics would like to wish the best of luck to President Trump and his new administration.

On a final note, although we wish President Trump the best of luck this does not mean he is beyond criticism. We must remember to hold all of our elected officials to our standards, challenge them, and make sure to make our voices heard if they go against the will of the people. Always be skeptical, never follow blindly, and always use your right to freedom of speech to speak out.

We would like to thank our readers and listeners and wish them all the best! There will be new podcasts and articles to come shortly!

                                                                      -Solely Politics 


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