By now, most politically active people have seen the debate between Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah on The Daily Show that took place last week. It was not a great debate. Rather than bring any facts or figures to the table to counter Lahren’s, Noah would usually make a snappy comical remark to gain the momentum back from the audience. This is understandable considering he is a comedian… On a side note, this really begs the question of “why did a comedian debate a political analyst/commentator?” However, when you think about it; The Daily Show is noting more than a Regressive platform for Leftists to come and confirm their biases through a comedian host. That being said, there are many legitimate reasons for pondering why this debate even happened; but let’s move on to the good stuff!

Many of you probably overlooked the most “outrageously racist” thing Tomi Lahren dared to say during the debate: “I don’t see color” (6:25 in the interview video). Tomi you insensitive bigot! Don’t you know this is a microaggression!?

Microaggression- is a term coined by psychiatrist and Harvard University professor Chester M. Pierce in 1970 to describe insults and dismissals he regularly witnessed non-black Americans inflict on African Americans. (Definition courtesy of Wikipedia)

Ah yes, the social justice warrior beloved microaggression. By the definition it may sound as though they are actually insults, but in reality microaggressions are just normal everyday things people say that SJWs love to use to reveal your “hidden implicit racism.” Apparently when Lahren said that she didn’t see color (or as it’s known in the microaggression world, “colorblindness”) she was really contributing to racism, not trying to dismiss it. In the video, after she says this you can clearly hear the crowd erupt in disbelief and outrage. How dare she say that she judges people on the individual and not their race! How dare she say that the color of someone’s skin doesn’t make a difference to her! How incredibly bigoted and racist!

Remember a time as children when we were taught not look at the color of someone’s skin and treat them differently because of it? Remember when it was a good thing to be “colorblind?” Chances are, most of you do. However, the mainstream media and the Regressive movement are so utterly obsessed with race that it has become the only thing they want to talk about. Race has once again become the new norm for judging people, and it’s disgusting. Many of us remember a time when this was called racism.

This small 4 word sentence from The Daily Show is a prime example of how this microaggression garbage is starting to make it’s way into mainstream society. It may be restricted to the universities and Hollywood at the moment, but given time and no opposition it will make it’s way into your daily lives as well very soon. We have to start to call this crap out where we see it and once again fight for the judgement of the individual and not the color of his or her skin.


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