This video shows conservative speaker Ben Shapiro attempting to give his speech at DePaul University in Chicago after administrators of the school decided to rescind their invitation to Shapiro. As he makes his way to the hall where the event is scheduled to take place, he is met by officers of the law stopping him from entering. Shapiro asks the officer: if he goes in to give his speech will he be arrested? To which the officer replies: yes. Then he asks the officer: is he allowed to enter the building to listen to Christina Hoff Sommers speak? To which the officer replies: No. In the background you can hear a man asking if this is the Soviet Union or the United States of America? To be 100% honest, who could tell? From this video, the only definitive evidence to prove that this is the present day United Sates and not Soviet Russia is the quality of the video and the fact that everyone in the video is speaking in English and not Russian. It starts at the university level folks! When academia begins to undermine diversity of thought and starts to restrict it’s students to hearing only what they believe to be acceptable speech, that is the beginning of tyranny.

Think about this: Mr. Shapiro was actually threatened with arrest if he took 3 steps forward towards that building! Not only was he not allowed to speak, but he wasn’t even allowed in to listen to someone else speak! Shapiro expressed his disgust on Twitter.



Shapiro urges people to call DePaul University and register complaints about their arrest threats against him.


Solely Politics will pass on this message by urging those of you who care about this injustice to call DePaul and register a complaint as well  (312)-362-8850


Together we can fight injustice and battle for free speech. Join the fight today and use your free speech to tell DePaul and all the SJWs out there that we won’t stand by as they attempt to take away our most precious right.


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