It’s been almost one week since Donald Trump became the President Elect of the United States and it seems as though ever since they called the race early last Wednesday morning the madness has not slept.


The healing of a country has been put off as protesters have taken to the streets to show their displeasure with the final outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election; some peaceful, some not. Many of these protests have turned into all out riots with vandalism and violence against Trump supporters. Probably the most bitter sweet thing about this whole thing is that the people out rioting and protesting the results of the election are the same people who heavily criticized Donald Trump just weeks ago when he said he didn’t know if he’d accept the results of the election. The hypocrisy is real, and it’s now showing more than ever as the end this absolutely horrible election cycle is finally here. The country is at an absolute height of ideological and political divide. This election only widened this divide and now these riots will only widen it even more. The blatant disregard for the result of our democratic process is just outstanding and almost unbelievable. However,  when you think about the kind of year it’s been and about the lunacy of Social Justice Warrior Regressives, nothing of this sort seems surprising anymore.


President Elect Trump was all business during his victory speech on election night and seemed to tone down his harsh tone as he called for unity and healing.



Whether we like it or not, Donald Trump will be The President of The United States come January; and the people will have to come to terms with this and begin to heal the country. Even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have told the American people that we need to at least give Donald Trump the chance to lead.


No amount of rioting will change the results, and the Regressives just don’t seem to understand this. Perhaps the greatest irony off all is that they also don’t understand that they were the ones who created their #1 enemy. They created Donald Trump. Contrary to the beliefs of the media or any Regressive Leftist, the result of this election was not the fault of a right-winged, racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic conspiracy! You can only undeservedly call people racists for so long without expecting some kind of response, and they finally got one. This is the reason why people will look at their movement with disgust, this is the reason why people will finally see the lunacy of their rhetoric, this is the reason why people will join our free speech  movement, and this is the reason why our movement will crush the fascist and undemocratic Regressive Left!


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