Following the election of Donald Trump as President of The United States, outbursts across the United States have erupted. Many riots, protests, and snappy late night show remarks have just painted the internet with endless stories to report on. However, this one seemed the most prevalent and most outrageous in regards to undermining free speech.  GrubHub’s CEO Matt Maloney decided he wanted to take action and released the following statement after the results of the election poured in:



GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney releases a statement regarding the election results. 



Now obviously Mr. Maloney is not wrong when saying that he believes anti-immigration views, hateful views, ect. are bad. However, Mr. Maloney failed to take into account that to the vast majority of people who voted Donald Trump into the White House, these are not the things Donald Trump stands for. To most, Donald Trump stands for a fight against the political machine, the establishment, and politicians that have been unresponsive to the people who elected them into office. Generalizing and making his employees feel as though they don’t belong in their place of work if they casted their vote for Donald Trump is absolutely asinine and not what the United States is about. Nobody should have to feel like they don’t belong in their place of work because of which political party or candidate they voted for, and for any CEO to use the power he/she has to make their employees feel that way is showing a clear abuse of power and they should be ashamed of themselves.


This is how suppression works. If you’re a GrubHub employee who has voted for Donald Trump and really need your job, how likely are you to express any political views you have? Probably not very likely. This is  a prime example of someone in a position of power abusing their power to silence anyone with whom they disagree with. Censorship and undermining free speech should not be tolerated and it’s not unfathomable to think that GrubHub will receive a lot of backlash and some boycott attempts.


GrubHub tweets of standing for tolerance while undermining tolerance of free speech and diversity of thought.







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