Well, this is it! The end of the political commercials, the end of the candidate’s events, the end of the media’s absolutely terrible coverage of this god awful election. Today may end the popular spike of interest in politics and the mainstream media coverage, but for people like us this is just the beginning of our long battle for the protection of free speech.

Donald Trump couldn’t handle some criticism and wanted to sue some reporters over it; showing disregard for free speech.

The reason Solely Politics hasn’t done extensive coverage of the election since the primaries ended is that the two candidates each party selected are both guilty of attempting to suppress free speech. Hilary Clinton pandering to Social Justice Warriors to gain their vote, promising to shut down so called “hate speech” (anything that offends them) and Donald Trump threatening to sue reporters who report on things about him that he doesn’t like. Come on people! Open your eyes and take a look around! Neither of these candidates are for free speech! I understand that there are other reasons to vote, I understand there are other issues, but don’t pretend that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is a shining symbol for free speech, because neither of them are.

Hillary Clinton can’t handle the heat of Donald Trump’s criticism and asks Trump to just delete his account. Who’s to say she won’t act on a statement like this in the future?

This being said, our movement for free speech must continue stronger than ever before. Whether Hillary or Trump wins; we’ll still need to continue to fight the SJWs, take back control of our universities, and speak on behalf of logical reasoning and big ideas. However, who wins will show us which free speech issues may take priority over others. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a Trumper, Never Trumper, or With Her; if you’re with our movement for the protection of our most sacred right as Americans, you need to buck up and speak up no matter what happens on November the 8th!

New Podcast coming soon! Tune in for the lowdown on SJW lunacy and real discussions with real people about the things that matter!


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