Most people believe this election is the end all, the apocalypse, the end of the United States of America as we know it. However, this isn’t the case. Will the country be worse under Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Probably, but this is the least of our problems. The biggest problem we face now the is attack on our freedom of speech from the  regressive left and their army of Social Justice Warriors ruling over  academia. 

They’ve taken over our universities and we must take them back if we are ever to defeat this ideology. SJWs preach tolerance, freedom of expression, and diversity; but they hate freedom of speech with a burning passion. Why do they hate this most important right so much? Because it gives you the right to say things they don’t like. So they attack freedom of speech at the source, the places where it should be most prominent; universities. Many people on university campuses who aren’t apart of this regressive movement believe their freedom of speech is under attack. So if you think you’re the only one at your university who feels this way, chances are you aren’t. The others are usually silent. Why? Because the “tolerant” and “peaceful” regressive left uses labels of racism and bigotry to attack and scilence anyone with any opinion they don’t like. Students don’t want to be labeled as these things, so they choose not to speak up. 

This is the biggest issue we face right now because the taking away of one’s freedom of speech is the first step to tyranny. The scariest part about this is its the people trying to silence the people! The silencing of your fellow citizens by means of political correctness, calling everything hate speech and banning it, or having lists of “acceptable terms” is a very very dangerous idea. This will lead to one ideology having complete power over all the others, which leaves the door wide open for government tyranny to move right in. If you’ve read any of your history books, you know this usually doesn’t turn out well for anybody in the end. 


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