To our readers: 

Thank you for being patient! Solely Politics is going to continue to write, but we’ll also be having a weekly podcast under the same name! 

This podcast will include interviews with people of both sides. We will not turn down anyone who wishes to be a guest on the show based off their political beliefs. In order to crush the regressive movement, we need to have conversations about big ideas, actual policy debates, and talk about things that are controversial. We also plan on hosting debates between two members of opposing sides on the podcast. 

Something to keep in mind: Just because we have a guest on the show doesn’t mean we agree with what they say. We may not agree with anything they say, but we need to allow them to speak in order to have a battle of ideas. We could have anyone on from a SJW to a Alt-Righter. We can challenge both their ideas, discuss big and important issues with both sides. However, one thing we will not stand for is shouting down another side, or not allowing another side to speak, because that my friends is regressive in nature and that is what we must destroy if we’re ever to have good quality battle of ideas again. 

Thanks for sticking with us! And we’ll be providing good quality battle of ideas for you in audio form soon enough! 


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