Over the past 2 months, Solely Politics has taken some time to evaluate which direction we’d like to go in with our writing. A few very influential people have been striking up a movement that has been shaking things up, and we at Solely Politics just could not stand by and just watch as this critically important movement picks up steam. We’ve decided to join the Free Speech, Critical Thinking, and Anti-Regressive Left movement started and fueled by figures such as Sam Harris, Dave Rubin, Milo Yiannopoulos, and many more. The purpose of this movement is to push the ideas of protecting Free Speech, having important discussions even if they could be seen as uncomfortable or offensive, and exposing and rejecting the misled idiolgy of the Regressive Left.

 Solely Politics has decided it’s now going to do its part in pushing this movement forward and getting the word out to everyone! We’ll now be writing stories exposing the Authoritarian Regressive Left and pushing the important works of Sam, Dave, Milo and all the other leaders of this movement. If you don’t enjoy hearing the truth or want to stay in your safe space, then either unsubscribe or consider yourself triggered. 

With regards to all of our readers, 

Thank you, and we look forward to fighting the Regressive Left and protecting Free Speech! Stories to come soon! 


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