Since Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign suspension and Donald Trump being declared the presumptive nominee, the GOP primary excitement has died down quite a bit. For the Democrats, the gap between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continues to grow and most have declared Clinton the presumptive nominee although the math does not yet eliminate Sanders. With this new drought of Primary news, the major news networks are really scrounging for something to report now that the primaries are almost set. Needless to say, the news has been pretty boring lately without all the “Lyin’ Ted!” shouting and videos of John Kasich eating various foods. However, this move by the GOP actually has some entertainment value to it.

It appears that so many Republicans are repulsed by the idea of Donald Trump being the nominee, that GOP leaders tried to recruit an interesting person for a 3rd party candidate. The Republicans reportedly asked notorious billionaire, investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban to run as a third party candidate. When asked, Cuban said that he would not run this year because of the lack of time left. However, he did say, “I would put him (Trump) in his place.”

It’s really quite a shame Mr. Cuban won’t run. Who wouldn’t want to see a money fight between Donald Trump and Mark Cuban on the debate stage?

Do you think Mark Cuban would make a good candidate? Share your thoughts below and share with a friend!


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