College Campuses have become places where Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings have become more important than Critical Thinking and Free Speech.
Today on college campuses, most people who would consider themselves anything but a SJW (Social Justice Warrior) will have a hard time expressing any kind of opinion on almost anything.

Freedom of Speech does apply to our institutions of higher education doesn’t it? This has been coming into question recently on college campuses in light of a few events in the last couple months. One event was at Emory University, where one Pro-Trump supporter or multiple supporters on the campus decided to write Pro-Trump messages around the campus in chalk. When students saw the markings, they protested and complained to the university saying that they felt, “threatened” and were, “traumatized” by the chalk messages. The messages did not display any threatening or offensive material, just things such as, “Vote Trump” or, “Trump 2016.” The protesters forced the president of the university’s hand, and he said that he would use video surveillance to try to catch the student or students who wrote the messages. Even many who are extremly Anti-Trump believe this was a violation of Free Speech. As long as these students or student who wrote these messages didn’t write anything that was actually offensive or threatening, they’ve done nothing but expressed their Freedom of Speech. The Regressive Leftists at this school were attempting to silence the student or these students by trying to get them into trouble with the university for expressing their right through a nonviolent, peaceful act. Which brings us to another recent event that took place at a college campus. At California State University Los Angeles, public speaker and author Ben Shapiro had been invited to speak. When he arrived to give his speech, protesters had blocked the door to the event and Shapiro and anyone who wanted to see him speak had to sneak in through the back door. The protesters used force to barricade the door and pulled the fire alarm to try to prevent Shapiro from speaking. This was of course no peaceful protest, and a blatant disregard for free speech. However, instead of being reprimanded by university faculty or the university president, quite the opposite happened. The protestors called for the president of the university to step down because of Shapiro speaking on campus, even though the president had tried to cancel the event.

In these two cases, you see two universities not only allowing the SJW to repress free speech with their Regressive tactics, but also giving it legitimacy. This raises a huge question: Is Free Speech on college campuses dead? It seems that if college students or faculty don’t like what someone has to say, then it’s just not allowed on campus, and that is a huge violation of Free Speech. This issue is completely nonpartisan. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, when you get out into the real world there will be no Safe Spaces or Trigger Warnings. Allowing the future work force to believe that these things exist in the real world by legitimizing Regressive Leftist tactics on our college campuses is only setting these students up for failure.

How do you feel about our right to free speech on college campuses? Express your Freedom of Speech in the comments section below and share with a friend!


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