Trump and Cruz will do battle in Indiana. If Trump can win he can just about wrap up the Republican nomination. 









Tuesday only holds one contest, but this contest could be the largest of the year for the Republicans. After sweeping last Tuesday’s five states, Donald Trump has put himself in a position to pretty much wrap up the Republican nomination this Tuesday. Indiana is a winner take all state with 57 delegates up for grabs. For the #NeverTrump movement, their only hope rests in the the hands of Indiana Republicans. If Ted Cruz can pull out an essential win, a contested convention will most likely take place, but Cruz trails Trump in Indiana by an average of 4.1% according to Real Clear Politics. It’s still largely possible for Cruz to win with a gap that small, but no matter the outcome on Tuesday, it should be very close and a hell of a showdown in The Hoosier State.

Do you think Donald Trump will wrap it up Tuesday or will Ted Cruz and John Kasich survive?

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