Strong Anti-Regressive movement voice Dave Rubin and his talk show The Rubin Report

While the political split in the country right now couldn’t be more prevalent with the craziness of the 2016 Election, former standup comedian and ex-reporter for the Progressive YouTube news network, The Young Turks is making his voice heard. Dave Rubin is one of the strongest voices of the movement to expose and diminish the growing power of what he and many others refer to as the “Regressive Left.” This term is used to describe Progressives who undermine free speech through the use of regressive protesting, advocates of trigger warnings and safe spaces, and those who believe political correctness is the law of the land. Many people today usually associate these views with modern day Democrats or Liberals, but Rubin seeks to squash this association with this Anti-Regressive movement. He describes himself as a Classic Liberal and although he does lean toward some Libertarian ideas, he assures his audience that he has never voted for a Republican in his life and stands for the ideas of Classic Liberalism.

Rubin’s pinned Tweet at the top of his Twitter account shows his views on the Regressive Left.

Rubin is accused by many as being “Right” or “Republican” in nature because of his stance against the Regressives, but Rubin typically points to his voting record and Classic Liberal views to prove his accusers wrong. Rubin is also a strong voice against political correctness and believes that the best way to express a view you want heard is to discuss it and debate it rather then calling names and labeling someone. He has made the comparison that, “regressives are the left’s version of the tea party.” For many, Rubin’s fight against the Regressives is viewed as a movement that has nothing to do with political affiliation. Rubin has many Democratic as well as Republican supporters who are against the regressive movement as well and he makes it a point to listen to everyone he has on his show and their ideas, regardless of their political views or how he feels about them. This causes many to see Rubin as someone they can relate to regardless of political affiliation as long as they’re Anti-Regressive. These are many of the reasons his movement is becoming strengthened every day. Rubin has over 100,000 followers on Twitter and over 200,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. His rapid growth in the Anti-Regressive movement has many Regressives worried and many Anti-Regressives fired up about taking back their freedom of speech. Republican or Democrat, it’s hard not to like Rubin, what he stands for, and the way he makes his voice heard.

Want to learn more about Dave? Check out his Youtube channel The Rubin Report.

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One thought on “A movement against the Regressive Left is being led by Classic Liberal Dave Rubin

  1. Our champions Dave Rubin, Maajid Nawaz, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Gad Saad, etc. along with countless more disaffected liberals will see to the glorious demise of regressive leftists. In their quest to end perceived tyranny, they themselves embodied all the authoritarian and bullying traits they sought to squash. Here’s some examples of regressive idiots whose end draws nigh:


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