An unlikely deal has been made between Moderate Republican John Kasich and Tea Party Republican Ted Cruz to stop Donald Trump.  

In a final effort to hold off Trump from winning the Republican nomination, John Kasich and Ted Cruz have joined forces to take away as many votes away from Trump as possible. The deal will involve John Kasich pulling out of Indiana and allowing Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to have a one on one battle there. In turn, Kasich will move his attention to getting a head start in Oregon and New Mexico where Cruz has agreed to pull out of. Kasich is expected to do better than Cruz in those states and Cruz is expected to do better than Kasich in Indiana, which makes the deal seem like common sense. Trump responded by calling the move “desperation,” and as usual took to Twitter to express his disgust.

Trump expresses his opinion about the Kasich Cruz deal on Twitter. 

Although this alliance has made breaking headlines, it’s not as friendly as you may think. Ted Cruz has downplayed the alliance by saying that it’s just Kasich deciding to pull out of Indiana and nothing more. Kasich has been quick to downsize the move as well by saying that he hasn’t told his supporters in Indiana to vote for Cruz, and that he’s just pulling out of Indiana because he doesn’t want to waste his limited resources in a place where he knows he can’t win.

Do you think this does more harm than good to the #NeverTrump movement? Do you agree with this strategy? Tell us in the comments section below and share with a friend!


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