Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have moved away from the typical way of getting money in politics, but it doesnt change the fact that they still get money.

What is the #1 thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on when it comes to campaigns? Money! It’s all about the money. They don’t agree on how you get it or use it, but no one can argue that to run for office you need lots and lots of green. This year untraditional candidates such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have shaken things up a bit because Sanders relies 99% on small donations and for the most part Trump is self funding, but most of the time this isn’t the case. Usually, people will argue that politicians will be bought by big company donors and that the money controls the politics. This is true 90% of the time, but in this particular article we aren’t interested in any of this. This is article is strictly about the amount of money; not where it comes from or who earned it the best way. So without further introduction we present the money facts:

John Kasich-$22,000,000

Donald Trump-$37,000,000

Ted Cruz-$110,400,000

Bernie Sanders-$139,800,000

Hillary Clinton-$224,100,000

*Amounts were obtained from Google

All together that is 533,300,000 dollars! So we decided to do a little math to see what you could do with this amount of money.

According to USA Today, to feed a family of four for a week on the lowest level takes about 146 dollars.

1. 146 dollars X 52 weeks= 7,592 dollars per year to feed a family of four.

2. 533,300,000 dollars / 7,592 dollars= 70,244 families of four.

3. 70,244 families of four X 4 people to each family= 280,976 people

So the amount of money spent for these 5 people to campaign could be used to feed 70,244 families of four (or 280,976 people) for an entire year!

This is why so may people hate politics, you have these people telling you that they want to do all these great thing for you and how it’s unfair that you work two jobs and can’t feed your family, yet here they are spending 533,300,000 dollars! Wonder if they ever think about that?

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