Bernie Sanders
The New York primary gave Bernie Sanders a crushing blow to his campaign on Tuesday night. 

The New York primary was a large battleground for the Democratic Primary. Hillary Clinton was trying to hold off the surging Sanders in her adopted home state and Sanders was trying to completely turn the tides of this primary. Unfortunately for Sanders, he wasn’t able to do so and Clinton emerged victorious in a 58% to 42% victory. Clinton took a net gain of 33 delegates from the win, but it’s the momentum killer that’s really going to hurt Sanders. The #1 mission for Clinton was to stop Sanders’ roll and take his momentum from him, and that’s exactly what she did with this win. Although Sanders is by no means eliminated mathematically, Clinton is looking onward to victory and will most likely turn her attacks to Donald Trump and the Republicans. Sanders says he will stay in the race  and continue to carry on his political revolution. However, he may want to be careful about how he attacks Clinton moving forward as it becomes more and more likely that she will become the nominee. Sanders doesn’t want to throw in the towel, but he also doesn’t want to hurt her in the general election if she does win the nomination by attacking her now. Never the less, Bernie supporters will be happy to know that he isn’t done yet and that especially in politics, anything can happen.


GOP 2016 Trump
Donald Trump got a much needed win in his home state of New York on Tuesday night with his main competitor Ted Cruz finishing in dead last.

On the Republican side there were really no surprises with Donald Trump winning big in his home state with 60.4% of the vote. John Kasich came in second with 25.1% and Ted Cruz came in a distant third with 14.5%. This couldn’t be better for Trump because Cruz didn’t pick up any delegates at all, so his win is over him was pure and this extends his lead by 89 delegates. John Kasich was able to pick up 4 delegates and not leave empty handed, but this doesn’t make much of a difference in his overall delegate count. This win is huge for Trump because if he ends up not getting to the magic number of delegates in the end, he can use the number of delegates he does have as leverage. The more delegates he has and the closer he is to that magic number, the more of a case he has that he should win the nomination anyway. Trump’s main mission now is to wrap up as many delegates as he can over the next couple months so he can plead his case at the contested convention and this win in New York is putting him on the track to do just that.

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