Trump and Cruz admired one another in the early debates of this primary but those days are long gone.

The 2016 Republican Primary has been a blood battle amongst a huge pool of candidates from the very start, and has continued to live up to this as the months have passed by and the pool has gotten smaller. In a primary, you never expect things to be pretty, but this one has gotten real ugly and only continues to get worse as fewer and fewer candidates are left. Since John Kasich has removed himself from the mudslinging since day one, it has been left to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to duke it out, and boy have they, more so recently.
The recent overflow of mudslinging began in late March when an Anti-Trump Super PAC released an add attacking Melania Trump. Trump assumed this attack came from the Cruz campaign and posted a tweet stating that he would “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife Heidi. The Cruz campaign was quick to say that the add was not from them, then a media outbreak ensued about the situation.

Cruz defends himself and his wife after Trump’s tweet about Heidi Cruz.

Many stories came through the mainstream media about what “the beans” may be, but Cruz was quick to dismiss all of them as “garbage” in another tweet. The back and forth “he started it” battle went on in the media for a few days before the story disappeared into the ugly history of this primary, but the ceasefire between Trump and Cruz was quickly ended by another situation in early April.

After a Cruz victory in the Colorado primary, many Donald Trump supporters were furious with the outcome because they felt as though they had been misrepresented by the delegates. Trump took outrage to this as well, and took it a step further by accusing the Cruz campaign of messing with the delegates to change the outcome of the primary. He took to Twitter to express his outrage.


Trump expresses outrage over the Colorado Primary result on Twitter.

Trump took this situation and used it his speeches saying that the system is corrupt and that something must be done about it. During these speeches he continued to accuse Cruz of being part of the corruption and stating that Cruz hadn’t actually won Colorado, but the system had instead cheated Trump out of a win. Cruz and his supporters fired back by calling Trump a sore loser and much of the political world chimed in. However, many came to Trumps defense and got behind the argument that the system is flawed and that it allowed the Cruz campaign to do what Trump accused them of. Unfortunately for Trump, nothing is changing because of his outrage tweets or his speeches, but the animosity between him and Cruz keeps growing and will only continue to grow as this race goes on.

Maybe this a special race, or maybe it’s just politics at work. Either way, it’s hard to imagine the tension between “Lyin’ Ted” and “Breathe Donald Breath” will do anything but increase.

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