Bernie Sanders is on a roll at the moment in the Democratic Primary, with his most recent win coming in Wisconsin on Tuesday. He is currently sitting at 1,030 pledged delegates with 31 superdelegates, while Hillary Clinton sits at 1,280 pledged delegates and 469 superdelegates. He’s carrying momentum going into Wyoming on Saturday where he is expected to win, but the real battle will take place in New York on April 19th. Clinton is Currently polling ahead on Sanders at an average of 53.5% to 42.5% according to Real Clear Politics. Sanders supporters are hoping for the kind of monumental upset seen previously in Michigan as they believe it would be an absolute game changer. Sanders supporters are right, it would be, and there is an explanation as to why.

There are 247 delegates up for grabs in New York, but the magic of a Sanders victory wouldn’t even be in the number of delegates gained, but in the incredible amount of momentum he would obtain. Think about it. If Sanders is on a roll right now, imagine what would happen if he were to just squeak by Clinton in her home state! Not only would his momentum moving forward go through the roof, but those superdelegates may start to change their mind on who they want to go to. That’s exactly what Sanders is hoping for, because he knows that even taking away half of Clinton’s superdelegates would be incredible for him charging forward in this primary. As if there weren’t enough reasons for Sanders to win New York, an added one would be the swing voters that may just change their vote to Sanders after seeing him take down Clinton in her home state. The path to this nomination goes through New York for Sanders, and a loss would be crushing. Not only would this hurt his numbers, but more importantly it would crush his momentum. Those who “Feel the Bern” are clinging to the hope of a New York victory for their beloved Bernie, but they know a loss would be nothing short of devastating for the Sanders Revolution.

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