Many people who are Anti-Trump and Anti-Hillary are using the most popular election line in the book more and more each day: “if _________ wins the election, I’m moving to Canada.” However, for the average American citizen there are a few challenging things about moving to Canada. Number one, Lets get real, you aren’t moving to Canada. No one is starting a new life in another country because someone they didn’t like got elected president. Number two, If you’re a Republican, moving to Canada makes literally no sense. Canada’s policies are even more liberal than the Republican’s mortal enemy the Obama Administration, and their policies. Number three, Canada has some of the strictest immigration policies in the world. So, best of luck with the move! However, if you’re dead set on moving to Canada there are some things you should know first.

The most important thing and arguably the best thing about our country is that luckily, the United States of America is not a dictatorship and we have separation of powers! This means to get anything done, whoever gets elected president has to go through the second most important thing, checks and balances! Do you ever wonder why the government never gets anything done? It’s because of checks and balances. It’s great for a country in making sure some mad man can’t get elected president and take over the country, but it’s bad because the three branches of government always override each other on everything, so nothing gets done. This is why no matter if Trump or Hillary gets elected we’ll see another four years of deadlock. So essentially, what we have right now. People will argue that whoever the next president may be, he/she can just use their executive order to pass whatever legislation or do whatever they want, but it just doesn’t work that way. When you look at some of the things Trump and Hillary want to do, they could never use their executive order to do them. So you can relax, there’s no need to panic and here is why: Trump and Hillary are two candidates that have an extreme opposition to each of them on the opposing side. When this happens, Congress tends to swing to the party that loses the presidential election. So if Hillary wins, we’ll most likely stay with the Republican Congress we have now, and nothing will change except the name of the president. If Trump wins, then during the next election Congress will most certainly swing Democratic and we’ll still get a deadlock, just with the roles reversed. This actually wouldn’t even matter with Trump, enough Republicans hate him that he couldn’t even get anything done with a Republican Congress. For example: lets say we get President Trump. His first act as president is his immigration plan, which is to deport every single illegal immigrant out of the country and back to where they came from. President Trump wants to do this, but if you remember anything from your high school  history class you’ll know that making laws is Congress’ job. The president does not have the power to make laws, only the power to sign a bill into law. So President Trump talks to his Republican buddy in Congress (one of the very few buddies he’d actually have) and asks him to write up his immigration bill, and he says yes. Well, then Trump’s buddy in Congress has to follow the School House Rock “I’m Just a Bill” process. This is where that bill dies. There is no way, even in a Republican controlled Congress that bill would ever get enough support to make it through the process it needs to go through to reach President Trump’s desk. Just like that, Trumps plan for immigration, not happening. Next!

There you have it, that’s all you’d get with four years of a Trump presidency, him just trying to get ridiculous bills through Congress that will never pass. And with a Hillary presidency? As mentioned before, all you’ll get is what we have now. Clinton trying to get Obama like bills through Congress that the Republicans will either just throw out or shut down the government over until she agrees to throw them out herself. Yay Democracy! So don’t go packing your bags and singing “Oh Canada” just yet, because our American system ensures nothing will get done no matter if we get a President Trump or a President Hillary.


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