Hillary Clinton has been in politics for a very long time. She’s the Democratic Establishment’s darling and knows the game of politics better than probably any other candidates in this election. She’s held many public offices; with that comes a long list of accomplishments and a long list of scandals and baggage. It’s usually pretty hard to get a unbiased article about her because most people either love her or hate her. So, Solely Politics presents the final installment of  “Who are the candidates?” With the beginning question; who is Hillary Clinton?


Hillary Clinton was born Hillary Rodham in Chicago, Illinois in 1947.  Her father was a small business owner and was of Welsh and English decent and her mother was a housewife of English, Scottish, Welsh, and French Canadian decent. Clinton attended public school as a child. After graduating high school she attended Wellesley College and majored in Political Science. Interestingly enough, Clinton served as the school’s Young Republicans President as a freshman. She graduated Wellesley with a bachelor in Political Science degree. She then attended Yale Law School where in 1971 she began dating fellow student, her eventual husband, and future President of the United States Bill Clinton. She graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 1973. In 1974, she moved to Arkansas to be with Bill and took a position teaching law at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. She and Bill were married in 1975, and in 1979 Clinton became the First Lady of Arkansas after Bill had won the election for Governor. In 1993, Bill Clinton became President of the United States making Hillary the First Lady of the Unted States. In 1998 she was top news when the Monica Lewinsky Scandal became public. She stood by her husband through the scandal and the impeachment process. Many women admired her strength through the scandal. Near the end of her role as First Lady, she ran for a the United States Senate from New York and won, she took office in 2001. She held this position until 2009 when she became President Obama’s Secretary of State. During the time between, as a Senator from New York she ran against then Senator Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary and lost. As Secretary of State, Clinton had a lot of say in foreign affairs. She was required to make many decisions in these affairs, and some of these decisions have been praised and condemned by many different politicians. Her role in the Benghazi Attack of 2012 is the topic of much scrutiny from Republicans, and is currently under investigation. She finished her position as Secretary of State in 2013.


Clinton is seen as the more moderate Democrat in the 2016 Primary. However, with the emergence of Bernie Sanders’ progressive revolution, Clinton has been forced to shift some of her views to the left to compete with Sanders. Clinton is a believer of Climate Change and believes it is an important issue, but not to the level of importance Bernie Sanders believes. She believes United States should take the lead on the issue. When it comes to economics, Clinton is not supportive of the economic policies of the Scandinavian countries, unlike Sanders. She believes in American Capitalism with the help of social services. She also believes in the regulation of Wall Street, but this has come into question because of different politicians pointing out that some of her campaign donations have ties to Wall Street. She is not a supporter of Trickle Down Economics and believes in raising the minimum wage. When it comes to foreign affairs and national security, she mostly takes a traditional Democratic view. However, there have been some exceptions where she has sided with Republicans on issues while she was Secretary of State and in the Senate. She has condemned Donald Trump’s proposed immigration plans and proposed ban on Muslims coming into the country. When it comes to social issues, Clinton has said in the past that she was for traditional marriage, but has since changed her views to be supportive of same sex marriage. She is pro-choice but is more strict on the limits for abortion than Bernie Sanders. She supports medical cannabis, but is not for legalization of recreational cannabis until more research can be done on the effects. When it comes to gun control, Clinton is said to be more strict than Sanders, as she frequently points out in debates that Sanders voted against the Brady Bill. She has previously earned an “F” rating with the NRA.

As the clear favorite to win the Democratic nomination at the beginning of this race, Clinton had huge expectations to live up to. Now with the emergence of Bernie Sanders, she’s had to fight much harder than she ever thought she would have to to win this nomination; and this race still has no clear cut winner. With no sign of giving up from Sanders, Clinton won’t be able to shift her attention to the Republicans just yet. Unless she can really stick it to Sanders with some crushing wins in the coming key states, Clinton is going to have to keep going hard on the campaign trail every day if she wants to avoid a monumental upset.


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