It’s no secret the candidate who has made the most headlines in the 2016 race has been Donald Trump. As a Washington outsider, popular reality TV star, and one of the best known businessmen in America; it’s no surprise that he’s been covered by the media a lot. However, no one could have predicted he’d be where he is today. With mass media coverage and endless tags all over social media, it’s almost impossible to not to know who Donald Trump is. But for a factual and unbiased depiction of his history and views, here’s a brief personal history on The Donald.


Donald J. Trump was born in Queens, New York in 1946 to Fred Trump, a successful real-estate businessman and Mary Anne MacLeod, a Scottish immigrant. Trump grew up fairly wealthy and attended private school. When he was 13, due to behavior problems he was taken out of private school and sent to a military academy. After graduation, Trump attended Fordham University for two years before entering the Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania University. He graduated school with a bachelor of economics degree. Trump began his business career working for his father at his company. Trump eventually grew to prominence in the real-estate business, and acquired several large properties where he built his real-estate empire. Trump’s last name began to become somewhat of an icon in the business world, so he used this to his advantage and licensed it. He used his last name on many of his most famous buildings. However, Trump was not without his problems in the business world. He has faced several lawsuits, filed for bankruptcy multiple times because of poor acquisitions or business decisions, and has been called out on poor quality of some of his products (Trump University for example). Trump has also been a TV personality as the host of the NBC reality show The Apprentice. Trump later went on to also host The Celebrity Apprentice. It was during his time on these two shows Trump acquired his famous “You’re Fired” catchphrase. It is little known to many that Trump has made run for president before in 2000 as a member of the Reform Party. He won 2 states in the Reform Party Primary. Among all of his many activities throughout the years, Trump has authored several books on a variety of different topics. 


Trump is hard to pin down as a certain kind of Republican. Many members of the party don’t even consider him to be a Republican at all. Trump is running on the main points of stomping out illegal immigration (mainly from Mexico), and brining back fair trade with China. He runs on the slogan “Make America Great Again,” giving the impression that him and his supporters are clearly not happy with the current state of the nation. When it comes to economics, Trump is widely regarded as knowing what he’s doing, as this is his area of expertise. He believes in free and fair trade, and is a large advocate of bringing jobs back to the United States. He has stated that if he is elected president, companies will keep their labor in the United States. His views on immigration are very clearly stated. He’s expressed his plan for immigration policy in two ways. The first is building a wall on the United States/Mexico border, which he truly believes Mexico will pay for. The second is deporting all illegal immigrants currently in the United States back to where they came from. Trump has made controversial statements about Hispanics, stating that many that are coming into the United States illegally are rapist and criminals. When it comes to foreign policy and national defense, Trump believes in building a strong military and using it to defeat our enemies. However, he’s been a strong critic of the war in Iraq, calling it a disaster. After one of the ISIS attacks, Trump proposed a ban on all Muslims from entering the United States until the U.S. Government could figure out what was going on. He received a lot of backlash from many politicians for this proposal. On social issues, Trump has been flip floppy on his views. He’s changed from being pro-choice in his past, to being pro-life during this campaign. In a recent interview with Chris Matthews, he stated he believes there should be a punishment for a woman who has abortion. He later clarified this statement by stating what he said during the interview had been taken out of context. He also believes in traditional marriage. 

There has been a recent push by the Republican establishment to try to defeat Trump, as many Republicans do not believe he represents the party’s values of conservatism. Many Republicans have joined the “#NeverTrump” movement, and even 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney has called Trump out as a phony. Trump has effectively hijacked the Republican Party from the establishment with his promise of a better America, and the voters have spoken. Many Republicans are happy with this, and many are not. One thing is for sure, you never know what The Donald is going to say next.


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