The little known and mild tempered Governor from Ohio wasn’t much of a player in this 2016 Republican primary. That was until the big drop outs of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Almost immediately after these dropouts, the moderate Republicans realized they were left with one choice, Kasich. Now Kasich appears daily on major news stations and is picking up some momentum, all with the hope that he can drive this primary to a contested convention. With Donald Trump and Ted Cruz being the main stories all the way up to this point, some Republicans want to know; Who is John Kasich? 


John Kasich was born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania in 1952 to a father of Czech decent and a mother of Croatian decent. Kasich attended public school and upon graduation was accepted to The Ohio State University. At Ohio State, he wrote a letter to President Nixon about concerns he had regarding the nation and asked if he could meet him. His letter was delivered to Nixon by the university president, and Kasich met with Nixon in 1970. Kasich graduated Ohio State with a batchelor in Political Science degree in 1974. After graduation, Kasich ran for the Ohio State Senate and won, he took office in 1979. He remained in this position until 1983 when he won an election for the United States House of Representatives and took office there. While in the House, Kasich served on the House’s Budget Committee from 1995 till 2001. Kasich had a breif run for President in 2000, but due to poor funding he was forced to drop out relatively quick. In 2001 Kasich left the House of Representatives. Between 2001 and 2009, Kasich worked for Fox News on many different programs, worked in private business, and authored three books. Kasich had declined to run for governor during his break from politics, but in 2010 Kasich ran for Governor of Ohio and won. He took office in 2011 and currently holds this position. He’s had a successful career as Governor and is well liked by his state. He won his reelection in a landslide victory, winning 86 out of 88 Ohio counties. 


Kasich is regarded by most as a very moderate Republican. He has a reputation of being able to work with both Democrats and Tea Partiers to get things done. Kasich’s strong point of expertise is the budget because of his past experience. He has a history of balancing the budget wherever he’s worked. When it comes to economics, Kasich takes a Repiblican view with a moderate twist. He is a supporter of Trickle Down Economics, but is also a supporter of social programs. His views on social issues are Republican in nature, but Kasich takes little interests in social issues because he believes the economic issues are more important. Kasich is a believer in climate change but has stated he does not know all the causes. In foreign policy, Kasich is also seen as a moderate. He has stated that he does not want the United States to be the world’s police. His plan to defeat ISIS involves a coalition of our close Muslim allies in the Middle East, and US military action. He believes once the job is done and ISIS is defeated, we should leave and allow the country affected to sort out the rest. Kasich has condemned Donald Trump’s immigration plan involving deportation, and his proposed ban on all Muslims entering the United States, calling both plans not probable and unrealistic. 

Now that Republicans who refuse to support Donald Trump or Ted Cruz are forced to look at Kasich, many are starting to actually like his middle of the road views. Are the Republicans willing to back a moderate who does increasingly better in general election polls than his two contenders? Only the coming months will tell. 


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