It’s no secret this is not your average Republican Primary. The seemingly routine pool of candidates that boasted Republican establishment darlings such as Jeb Bush, or the young gun Marco Rubio, turned into a circus the moment businessman Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring. Chaos soon began to ensue in the primary as we saw the predicted front runner Jeb Bush bullied out of the race by Trump. Soon after, Rubio fell victim to The Donald as well. With Bush’s and Rubio’s exits, and the exits of all the other seemingly irrelevant candidates; the Repiblican voters are now left with 3 options: Tea Party right winger Ted Cruz, The Donald himself, and the Moderate and seemingly quiet John Kasich. The Ohio Governor had been relatively quiet up till this point. With lack of debate time and little to no media coverage, it seemed like most Republicans really didn’t even know who John Kasich was. However, this all changed when the voters were presented with the choice of these final three. With Donald Trump seeming to make more outrageous comments day after day, and Ted Cruz historically known for being “unlikeable,” it’s no wonder the majority of moderate Republicans have flocked to John Kasich. Kasich boasts an impressive record in Ohio as Governor. He’s balanced the budget, created jobs, and stimulated the economy in the Buckeye State. He’s done all this while working bipartisan with the Ohio Democrats in the state Senate and House of Representatives.  But perhaps the most favorable things about Kasich that more Republicans should be interested in, are his poll numbers. In the general election, Kasich is the only one of the three remaining Republican candidates that can beat Hillary Clinton (according to the most recent polls). These same polls show both Trump and Cruz getting obliterated by Clinton in November. This brings the questions of why there is still such abundant support for Donald Trump, and if the Republicans actually want to produce a winner in November why not vote for Kasich. The polls speak for themselves in this case. If the Republicans are looking for a savior of the party, it may just be the guy who has been flying under the radar this whole entire race. 


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