Trump has once again shocked the political world with his latest view on abortion. In an interview with Chris Matthews on Wednesday March 30th, Trump was asked about his views on abortion. Trump then proceeded to explain how he is pro-life. After his explanation, Matthews then asked Trump if there should be a punishment for abortion. The answer Trump gave may have just about done him in with the majority of women voters, (if there were any left supporting him). He said that he does believe that someone should be held responsible. Matthews then began to wrestle with Trump over exactly what that meant by finally asking the question: “for the woman?” To which Trump gave the incriminating answer of: “yes.” Matthews then continued to ask Trump what he thinks the punishment should be, but at that point it didn’t really matter because the damage had been done. That one word answer has united Pro-Life and Pro-Choice groups on something for the first time since God only knows when. Trump tried to repair the damage by “clarifying” his statement made on the show, but this has done nothing but put the Trump campaign on damage control for the past 24 hours. Between his past comments about women, his ongoing battle with Megyn Kelly, and now this latest incident; Trump might as well kiss the woman vote goodbye.  


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